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Anthony Scott

With four college degrees in Marketing, Digital Marketing, Advanced Sales, and Business Operations, Anthony is the visionary behind Anthony Scott Digital. He's fluent in Spanish and operates from our creative hub at 1313 Midway Rd, Menasha. Anthony's track record speaks for itself – he's driven success for every company he's partnered with.

Eros Maves

Eros is our advanced videographer and graphic design specialist. He's an expert in Adobe programs and DaVinci Resolve. If you're lacking in content creation for ads, commercials, social media, or reels, Eros can create training videos to up your content game, just like the many companies who trust his expertise.

What to expect

Cleaning, Clearing, and Decluttering

Our dedicated crew specializes in transforming real estate spaces into inviting showcases. Through meticulous cleaning, strategic decluttering, and expert organization, we ensure that your property is presented at its absolute best. Our attention to detail creates a visually appealing environment, setting the stage for stunning photos and videos that captivate potential buyers from the moment they view your listing.

After the photo/video shoot, our swift turnaround time sets us apart. Our efficient post-production process ensures that you receive high-quality, professionally edited photos and videos promptly. This expedited service allows you to list your property faster, maximizing exposure and potential buyer interest in the shortest possible timeframe.

Rest easy with a customer satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that you are delighted with the final product and confident in the value provided.

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Contact Anthony: (920)-224-5244

Contact Eros: (920)-383-1957